Frequently Asked Questions

Can you cut my glass?
Yes, Lewis Street Glass cuts all shapes and sizes of glass with the exception of tempered glass. Bring in an existing piece of glass or order the size and shape you need from Lewis Street Glass.

Do you offer free estimates?
Yes, free estimates available in Wichita and the surrounding area. Call or complete the web submission form and we will reach out right away to discuss your project needs.

Can you cut glass while I wait?
Yes, standard window glass in small quantities can be cut while you wait.

Do you install insulated glass?
Yes, Lewis Street installs insulated glass in windows and doors. Both panes of insulated glass must be replaced. The new unit comes with a 5-year warranty against seal failure.

How long do you keep quotes on file?
Price quotes are guaranteed for 90 days. Quotes and client information stays on file for several years.

Do you require a deposit?
To place a cut glass order, a 50% deposit is required. A deposit is also required on materials left for repair.

Do you apply any filming on glass?
No, but we recommend you find a certified 3M dealer in Wichita so your film job comes with a warranty.

Do you recycle glass and mirrors?
Lewis Street Glass is not able to accept broken glass and mirrors for recycling.

Do you offer mobile installation on automotive glass?
For traditional vehicles, it is best to install new windshields inside the Lewis Street Glass shop where the climate is controlled and technicians are out of the elements. For specialty windshields on tractors or other machinery, on-site installation is available.

How long does windshield installation take?
Installing a new windshield takes time to get right. Removing the broken windshield and cleaning out the space comes first. After installing the new windshield, the urethane that holds it needs to dry completely. It is important to complete each step thoroughly and completely to ensure a long-lasting replacement windshield. The full process takes 3-4 hours and you should plan to leave your vehicle at Lewis Street Glass for half the day.

What is your warranty on a windshield installation?
We guarantee against leaks or stress cracks, unfortunately we cannot warranty for rock chips.

What is your warranty on rock chips?
We cannot guarantee the chip will not spread during the repair. However, if your chip should spread later you receive credit towards a new windshield at Lewis Street Glass.

Do you offer emergency services?
Yes, Lewis Street Glass provides 24-hour emergency service to businesses. Phones are answered 365 days a year to repair broken windows and doors at commercial property.

Do you sell polycarbonate or acrylic?
Yes, also known as Lexan or Plexiglas, Lewis Street cuts custom sizes at your request.  However, we are not able to cut a curved shape in these materials.

Do you service commercial doors?
Yes, we service door closers, pivots, locks and many other parts of commercial glass doors.  We do not work on steel doors.

Do you build new screens and storm windows?
Yes, Lewis Street Glass has many options for screens and storm windows. We can provide complete self-storing storm windows, storm window inserts and screen inserts.

Can you cut glass for tabletops?
Yes, we cut glass to your specific dimensions, paper pattern or furniture design.

Do you build showers?
Yes, we do have a few stock shower options but build mostly custom showers. With your style and choice of glass and color of hardware, custom shower enhancements add value and appeal to your home. Check out the custom shower gallery on the residential page of the website.

Do you sell window parts?
Yes, we do have a selection of window parts such as cranks, locks, plungers, rollers and more.  Along with common inventory on hand, we also have reference material for hard-to-find parts.

Do you install glass in cabinet doors?
We frequently install obscured glass or clear glass in prepped cabinet doors. However, our glass technicians do not build cabinet doors or remove wood paneling from existing doors.

Do you replace glass in fireplace doors?
Yes, we fix many fireplace doors every year at Lewis Street Glass. Standard fireplace replacement windows are tempered glass. We also install pyro Ceram for wood burning stoves that reach higher temperatures.

Do you install doggie doors in patio doors?
Yes, Lewis Street Glass installs doggie doors in glass patio doors. You provide the dog door according to the size needed for your dog and we will install a notched panel of glass around it.  See the online gallery for pictures.

Can you cut wine bottles?
Yes, wine bottles have become popular decoration for weddings, centerpieces and homes. We can cut them down and sand the edges so they will not be too sharp.

Do you custom cut mirrors and glass?
Yes, we custom cut all mirrors and glass to requested sizes and shapes.