Shower Doors

Lewis Street Glass builds custom shower doors and installs stock shower glass. With a wide range of experience in design, from modern to traditional, Lewis Street Glass technicians build dream showers. In both remodeling and new construction, glass showers increase efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

Make your shower a statement piece, adding value to your home and pleasure to everyday life. Check out the Lewis Street Glass gallery of customer shower designs below. Give us a call and let’s turn your idea into a home enhancement to enjoy for years to come.

Available Shower Doors


Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless shower doors are made entirely of heavy, thick glass and designed for an upscale, high-end look that’s beautiful and classy. Ideal for large bathroom spaces, frameless shower doors offer a custom fit for any home.  Lewis Street Glass specializes in ShowerGuard glass, call today for a quote.


Semi-Frameless Shower Doors

Semi-Frameless shower doors are perfect for both large and small spaces. Incorporating a metal frame,  Lewis Street Glass builds semi-frameless doors with 3 different metal colors and several glass options. Side lights and extra panels are also available.

An affordable upgrade from your current shower door, semi-frameless options add style and function. They are very popular with new home builders. Lewis Street Glass uses Seal Pro glass protector for the best results.


Framed Bypass Shower Doors

Bypass shower doors consist of two glass panels that roll past, or bypass, each other. A classic style, bypass showers doors are economical and affordable. Popular in rental homes and apartments, they stand up to long term wear and tear. Lewis Street Glass builds framed bypass doors from 3 metal colors and a variety of glass options.


Semi-Framed Bypass Shower Doors

Semi-frameless bypass doors offer a cleaner look than a framed door. Ideal for small spaces and rental property, they require very little maintenance. For a quick and easy upgrade or remodel, call Lewis Street Glass about semi-frameless bypass shower doors.


Barn Doors or Rolling Shower Doors

Rolling or barn style shower doors require very little metal and are ideal for high-end remodels. Lewis Street Glass uses strong, stainless steel hardware in all rolling barn shower doors. With 3 different styles to choose from, rolling barn shower doors add style to your bathroom space.


Framed Shower Doors

Framed shower doors are quick to install and economical. They easily adjust to fit a space or wall that isn’t perfectly square. They are a good choice for rental properties and can be installed in large and small spaces. Reach out to Lewis Street Glass for a free quote on framed shower doors.